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Spar Finance
Spar is a new, simpler way of launching, managing and investing into pools. Decentralized asset management on Terra Protocol.

Hello, community! It’s a hot season in TeFi with a lot of exciting new products under development. We are excited to contribute to this growth and thank the entire Terra community for the continued support.

The team has been heads down into development and putting in extra hours so we can launch our public testnet sooner than expected.


Since many are asking, the snapshot will only happen after testnet is completed.

We are hiring

The team is looking to add more developers to the team. If you’re looking to build on top of a fast-growing ecosystem reach out.

You can find open positions…

February was an exciting month for the team at Spar. From product development to community growth, we have it covered. Read our update below to see what was going on!

When we came up with Spar Finance's idea in January and validated it shortly after, the team dropped everything else they were doing and got their hands dirty. We believe timing plays an important role in launching a successful project and want to make sure we can launch as soon as possible while keeping usability and safety as one of the top priorities.

Product Demo

We have finished our first version of…

Dear Mirror community, we wanted to put out an official statement addressing the sentiment and share some of our thoughts with you.

When the team learned about the community pool, we thought using the Mirror community spend pool was a reasonable request. However, we do not feel that way anymore. We do agree on some of the points being made by the community, and ignoring them would be selfish. Effective immediately, the Spar Finance team will build a self-funded Proof of Concept and then decide on the next funding steps. Since we cannot modify or take down the poll at…

Spar Finance

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